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This website contains details of our current stock of car engines, transmissions (manual and automatic) and other (engine-related) components. 

Choose from our full range of engines, transmissions or parts. Search by make, engine code or transmission code. If the part you require does not appear in our stock list, please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail. It may be the case that the code that you entered was selected using a different spelling, or, it could be that we have actually purchased the part in question, but its details have not yet been entered into our database.

Our prices

Our sales prices are exclusive of VAT and in the majority of cases are based upon the assumption that the old part is given in part-exchange. Where that is the case, a deposit is charged that is recredited to you once we have received the old part. A price can also be agreed without a part-exchange. Please contact us for details.

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